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Welcome to the Mediablaze Family - creating a culture for success

Emma Potter
8th December 2020

Creating long-lasting relationships — with our clients, between brands and their customers and within our agency itself — is something we pride ourselves on. Here’s how we do it:

  • Build an agency that people want to work with and for

  • Prioritise a great company culture, it’s the driving force behind competitive advantage

  • Define your company values, these help to attract people who share your dream and your vision

Having worked with Mediablaze as a contractor in 2014 for a year, I’m proud to be in the company of Mediablaze alums who have left to pursue other opportunities, but find themselves once again drawn back into the fold when the chance arises to extend their time with this lot. Why? There’s something special about being part of the Mediablaze family. It’s also particularly fitting that a large part of our work for brands is finding the magic spark that hooks customers and keeps them coming back time and time again.

“Of all the companies I've worked in, both product and agency, big and small, Mediablaze has always been the one that's had the most impact on me. When working elsewhere, I always found myself referring back to the work I did at Mediablaze. So rejoining the team when the opportunity arose was an easy decision to make. It's like being part of a family again, a family that aims to do the best by its clients, and its people, in the right ways.”

James Clifton, Lead Product Designer

“After I left Mediablaze to go contracting in 2016, I realised I missed being part of a fun and inspiring team. So when I began to search for a permanent role, the brief I gave my recruiter was "find me another Mediablaze". The opportunity came up for me to return and I’ve not looked back!”

Chris Till, Technical Lead

This also extends to our clients too — when a client and friend of Mediablaze moves to a different brand, they often introduce and bring us in on new projects. Creating long-lasting relationships is something we are truly proud of.


So what’s the secret sauce?

Be human, be creative, and have fun

We’ve found greatness is not achieved by going it alone, it’s achieved by surrounding yourself with people who inspire and challenge you. This is why building the right team, and attracting the right people and clients is a driving force. Being human means having face-to-face communication (these days by Zoom of course) to facilitate a real connection and enable people to collaborate. To us, being creative is not just for the creatives - it’s about always looking out for better ways of doing things and never settling for ‘OK’. And we also want to have fun - this does not mean we aren’t disciplined or commercially focused, it means we know the importance of shared interests, sharing stories, sharing laughs. We want people to look forward to coming to work everyday. We know when you love what you do, the results speak for themselves.

The same approach applies to attracting clients — we want to work with brands that help their customers get the most out of life. Our aim is to work with people who share our dream and our vision.


Going above and beyond, globally

We’re a digital experience agency that creates deeper connections. Our consulting team explores what your audience wants and the behaviours your brand needs; which makes up the basis of a strategy to attract and activate your customers through design, intuitive functionality and killer content. By working on user experience design, engineering, and content creation concurrently, we’re able to work efficiently.

Moreover, as part of the Hearst family we have unrivalled access to audience insight across some of the world’s most influential media brands such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Digital Spy, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, to name a few. We are uniquely placed to understand what people want and when they want it.

Some clients seek to work with us on a strategic consultancy basis, some use us solely for content marketing, others just for digital product design and build. But our most powerful work brings these services together. Working in this way helps to create long-term success.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

To target the kinds of people we want to work with and the clients we want to have, we created a set of Mediablaze brand values; standards which are woven into our company DNA, our culture and our competitive advantage. In addition, we have a core set of principles that guide our beliefs and govern our behaviour so our values become real and not just a wish list that gathers dust in a cupboard. When we seek to recruit and welcome new Mediablazers into the team, these values and principles help guide our decision making, our onboarding process, and our review structure as people grow within the business.


We want our people to be curious, positive, to take ownership and go above and beyond for our clients. Along the way it’s also critical to celebrate success and have fun — after all, we’re working with each other eight hours a day, and it can’t always be serious.

Create deeper connections

Who doesn’t want to work with people that challenge and inspire them? We’re always looking to attract and recruit more great minds into the business. If you’d like to learn more about working together, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you -

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