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Interning at Mediablaze

Valerie Denny
15th October 2016

Tori and Mallory reflect on their time at Mediablaze. Spoiler: It was amazing.

Earlier this summer two young, bright soon-to-be-graduates touched down in London town ready to start interning here at Mediablaze.

Over the next two months Tori and Mallory got stuck into all aspects of day-to-day life at an award-winning content marketing agency.

From researching new social media platforms and writing Instagram captions to dabbling in acting/modelling, 'the interns' - as they fondly became known - approached each task with enthusiasm, all the while soaking up knowledge and taking on feedback like pros.

Of course, we couldn't let them leave without writing a guest blog post - so without further ado we'll pass this post into their capable hands.

A summer at Mediablaze

Hello, it’s the American interns, Mallory and Tori! For two short months we had the pleasure of interning at Mediablaze, and boy did we have a ton of experiences.

Being the phone-addicted, media obsessed humans we are, we snapped a ton of photos at work that are definitely worth sharing. So, want an insider’s view of a kick-a** media company? Say no more, and view the slideshow below.

A few takeaways from our time at Mediablaze...

Social media is never effortless

A LOT goes on behind the scenes before and during photo and video shoots. That perfect flat lay you see posted up on Instagram? Yeah, that probably took at least a week to plan.

When Brits ask “are you alright?” don’t be puzzled. They don’t genuinely think you're upset, they're just saying hello!

Cultural differences can be confusing

British work culture is very different to the United States. Tea almost always trumps coffee, and when Brits ask “Are you alright?” don’t be puzzled. They don’t genuinely think you're upset, they're just saying hello!

Planning content really tests your critical thinking skills

Social media is an ever-changing, overwhelming, and incredibly powerful tool. Staying on top of the trends is truly a 24/7 lifestyle. You’ll spend so much time brainstorming and researching content ideas that Instagram posts of latte art, clothing flat lays, and artsy avocado toast will even sneak into your dreams!

Could you be next?

Interested in interning with Mediablaze? Apply for an editorial internship now and together we will rule the (content) galaxy!

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