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W3 Club
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Workout \ Wellness \ Water

The challenge

Brand strategy, identity and digital product

Name and create a visual identity for a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space in West London before deploying brand, digital marketing and communications strategies and creative assets that would bring the project to life.


What we did

Build a brand from the ground up

The team built an entirely new brand from the ground up that not only brings together, but celebrates happiness and success. In addition, we crafted a marketing strategy that engages members and the wider community through a variety of channels, spanning web, app, email and social.


"Our vision for W3 Club has always been aspirational and to bring something new to members. We firmly believe that the ‘workout, wellness and water’ proposition embraces all aspects of our physical and mental fitness that are needed in today’s society to lead a happy and successful life. Adopting a strategic and phased approach to the refurbishment, remodelling and revamping of the space, and a similar approach to our marketing initiatives working with Mediablaze, gives the W3 Club team the autonomy, freedom and agency support they need to work efficiently and effectively both on and offline."

Charlotte Oza
W3 Club

Supporting Insights.

Emma Potter

Global growth in the wellbeing industry - in the pursuit of Happy and Successful

Crafting digital products that your customers want

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