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Mediablaze launches DALI KATCH with influencer-powered content

Paul Button
17th November 2016

Over 100 influencers in 17 different countries share the sound they love.

Earlier this year DALI approached Mediablaze with a brief to help launch its first ever portable speaker, the DALI KATCH.

Known for crafting high-end loudspeakers for an audience that's serious about sound, the KATCH is the Danish company’s first step towards targeting a younger, style-conscious consumer – so naturally we jumped at the chance to tell the story.

The challenge was, in a market that’s already saturated with like-minded portable products, how do we carve out a unique position for the KATCH?

Our solution was a strategy that hinges on creating a community of influencers, serving as the trustworthy brand advocates that can put DALI’s new speaker in front of the right people. Connected via our campaign strapline “Share the sound you Love. Anywhere”, we commissioned this talented bunch of musicians, artists and creatives to show off their individual talents – and their music taste – to a soundtrack provided by their KATCH speaker.

After much planning, we assembled a team of over 100 ambassadors. We divided them into three tiers of influence, spanning 17 countries and a variety of disciplines including music, dance, art, beauty and design. Housed on our newly created DALI KATCH Tumblr page, the result is a striking collage of individual tastes and passions that showcases what the KATCH (and DALI) is all about. A speaker you can take anywhere, lovingly created in admiration of music.

The campaign will be refreshed daily until mid-December with new stories, illustrations, playlists and more, but for now here’s a sample of some of the best content so far...

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