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How to keep active during Lockdown 3.0 - in mind, body and spirit

Holly Clemens
12th January 2021

Other than the title, the ‘L’ word isn’t something that’s going to be used in this blog post. Why? Because while we curb this crazy pandemic, Mediablaze is powering through and producing awesome work. Albeit, we’re sitting at the same desk and in the same room as we have spent the last 10 months.

  • Doing exercise isn’t just about getting faster, it's about looking after yourself and having a clear head

  • Having a group fitness goal is sometimes easier because we are all in it together

  • Mediablazers support each other no matter what, inside or outside of work

One of the reasons I joined Mediablaze, and have stayed with this digital agency for the last four years, is that we are a group of exceptionally talented and like-minded people who support one another no matter what. We also have a huge love for sport and keeping healthy, whether that be through the clients we work with or what we do outside of work. We know that sport has the power to connect people, but it can also be used to inspire us to keep fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

In any walk of life having a goal or something to aim for gives us focus, a reason to push ourselves and keep motivated. So we thought, what about giving the whole agency a goal; a fun goal where there is something for everyone, but more importantly creates a community of support outside of the day-to-day slacks and emails.

So, welcome to our latest Strava* Challenge! Over the next eight weeks we as an agency are getting behind each other on Strava to get fit, healthy and have fun.


Want to get involved? Take your pick of our plans!

  • Desk to 5km - an eight week plan for whatever your level - beginner, improver or PB (personal best) seeker, culminating in everyone taking on the March 5km Strava challenge on the weekend of the 13/14th March.

  • Desk to Zen - Whether it's Yoga, a core workout or a HIIT Class, some of our team are taking on two sessions a week to take their focus off the laptop and onto themselves. A well needed bit of ‘me’ time.

  • Walking Plan - A programme to see some greenery and some fresh air, this group of Mediablazers are taking on a plan to increase the time and number of walks they are taking each week outside.

Get moving to the beat

Anything else I hear you ask? Of course! Back in March we had the pleasure of some Rona playlists from one of our own designers Emma Braham. These kept us smiling and now they are back to encourage the team to get active and keep moving! So whether you want to run and listen to the birds, get lost in a podcast or get pumped with Rona 3.0, we have something for everyone.

Take a look and listen at Rona 3.0 here on Spotify.

As someone who loves sport and uses it to keep in check, motivating everyone to get involved in something whatever they choose to do, is really important. Not everyone will run 50km a week, but everyone thrives on the feeling of having a clear head.

Join our digital agency in getting active

Like what you see? If you’re looking at the plans and thinking ‘I’d like to have a go at that’ then please ping me a message as you’re welcome to join us - the more the merrier.

*Strava is a platform to track activities and sport which creates a community much like social media.

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