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Discover, customise and buy gym memberships

The Challenge

Enable prospects to uncover the right membership from over 180 leisure centres and transact online

Everyone Active are an innovator of the leisure operator model itself; optimising the provision of leisure and facility management services to Council owned properties.

However, as a traditional bricks and mortar business, they faced barriers in delivering public access to their broad range of memberships and discount pricing methods online. They lacked a user-friendly product experience that could offer an alternative channel to the traditional resource-heavy sales experience within each leisure centre and gym.

The Approach

Defining the online membership product for Everyone Active

Collaborating with client stakeholders and third party service providers, our designated squad of experts guided the teams through the definition and planning of a new product.

The creation of a single page application for membership discovering and purchasing was conceived after examining the product structures, pricing models and all data inputs that could make or break the Everyone Active's product investment.

Guided by the key objectives, our experience of similar challenges in other sectors highlighted the importance of a tight collaboration between user experience design and a new suite of APIs we defined to enable an integration with the incumbent membership management application (provided by Gladstone Software).


The execution.

Join Online: A single page application supported by a bespoke middleware application

Technical Consulting
User Experience
Performance in Build

Success or failure of this product design and build hinged on it being able to consume multiple data inputs to assemble and simplify a complex range of products, discounting and business logic which make up Everyone Active's membership options.

We designed, tested and optimised user journeys requiring minimal interactions for prospects to quickly uncover the right membership and price for them. Whilst achieving this objective, we preserved the ability to give access to promotional, corporate and family discounting models that would enable each individual centre to compete on a local level.

A bespoke Laravel application works as middleware to handle client administration of the product, manage overnight caching routines and integrate with web services for geolocation, membership data, validation, CRM flows, Direct Debit and card payment transactions.

A snapshop of success

Giving prospects access to a broad range of memberships constructed from complex pricing models

Backed by our previous business and personal experiences in the leisure industry (giving us a strong understanding of Everyone Active's product and the key personas in their audience), blended with our extensive experience with financial product comparison, we were able to guide the stakeholders through a custom product design and build process to meet their key objectives.


increased conversion rate through our customised solution versus the incumbent white label tool
Delivering ROI on investment

4 clicks

to find your nearest centre and retrieve a membership price from a catalogue of 3,500+ memberships
Complexity simplified for users


staff hours saved per month by making complex product pricing accessible to prospects at home
Enabling reallocation of resource


Choosing the right tech to meet the key objectives

Everyone Active's Join Online membership product needed frameworks to be fast, secure and flexible whilst also being capable of handling complex business logic. The infrastructure automatically scales with the demands placed upon it as new contract wins can introduce new leisure centres and gyms overnight.

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“Partnering with Mediablaze has been instrumental in transforming Everyone Active. Under their guidance, we were able to align content, CRM and digital marketing to improve customer service, increase sales and retention. Together, we were able to fulfil our mission of ensuring in-centre services were available online. It has been a real privilege to work with industry leaders to deliver our digital experience.”

Tim Mayer
Digital and Marketing Communications Manager
Everyone Active

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