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Product Design & Build

Define and plan your new web or native product

How long?
4 weeks
What type of engagement?
Online or in person

What is it?

A four week programme designed to define and plan the best approach to the design and build of your new web or native product.

We will use a combination of techniques, tools and expertise to extract and interrogate the key objectives, priorities, processes and the right technology stack.

This programme is tailored to your inputs and the activities are geared towards ensuring the investment you make into your new product results in the very best collaborative delivery processes and maximises the returns for your business.

Who's it for?

  • Any team or organisation embarking on a significant investment in the design and build of a new product (or rebuild of an existing product)

  • All stakeholders who have a vested interest in the success of a product - brand, marketing, sales, finance, product, technical, board

  • Especially relevant to any team who has inherited an existing (less-than-optimal) product or have seen previous attempts to deliver fail for one reason or another


This four week programme is designed to adapt to any inputs or data you can bring to the table to kick off the process. The amount of time and resource dedicated to each area will be determined by those inputs.

  • Definition and interrogation of the objectives / KPIs of your organisation, each team and each stakeholder

  • Interrogation of your brand purpose, vision and mission; as well as your current position in the market

  • Desk-based persona research alongside customer and stakeholder interviews

  • Assessment of any data inputs provided by you and recommendations of additional tracking that may provide value over the four week period

  • Competitor analysis and analysis of product position

  • Feature exploration workshop with key opportunity areas highlighted

  • Product requirements defined (categorised into epics and features), reviewed and ranked by business value (derived from risk, impact on objectives and t-shirt sizing of effort)

  • Top level assessment of existing platforms, applications or third party providers who may be required to contribute and/or integration

  • Collaborative plan for the delivery of the project, including key milestones

  • Definitions of what failure looks like and how all stakeholders can contribute to ensuring that is avoided


  • Write up and presentation (to stakeholders and board) of the findings from the workshops, interviews, research and data analysed

  • High level sprint plan devised for the epics; milestones and sprint dependencies highlighted

  • Tasks and user stories detailed for the first two product sprints

  • Recommendations on technology stack and ways of working with third party teams, products, SaaS or open source applications (where necessary)

  • Roles, resource time and the associated cost which will define the 'squad' required to deliver the product

  • Write up of any bespoke areas for interrogation or documentation agreed before the start of the four week programme

What will you learn?

  • How to get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) product into beta testing and to marketing as quickly as possible

  • The best processes to employ to ensure a successful delivery of your product and expedite the earliest possible learnings from data generated by real users

  • How your product can best fit into the lives of your customers and align to their needs

  • The priority functionality and engaging touch points most keenly sought by your customers which will enhance their lives

  • How to minimise risk and maximise the return on investment for your organisation

Who will run it?

You will be working with our specialists:

Roger Barr

Founder & Digital Director

Tim Dodd

Head of Digital

James Clifton

Lead Product Designer

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