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Product Design & Build

Demystifying websites & digital terminology

How long?
1 hour
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Lunch & Learn
Online or in person

What is it?

A one-hour workshop to help anybody who might be venturing into a new website design and build project to better understand the underlying principles, terminology and considerations they're likely to face. This will help you to feel more comfortable engaging with the technical aspects of these projects so that you can make better-informed decisions.

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who is going to be a stakeholder in a new website design and build project but doesn't have a technical background

  • Anyone working in an organisation where websites have fallen under the title of "mysterious and complex stuff done by IT"

  • Founders of start ups who need to be close to all aspects of their new venture and want a better understanding of the consequences / trade-offs of their decisions or priorities they set


  • Visualise the basic structures that go into the creation and hosting of a content-managed website

  • Abstract out the terminology and discuss analogies to demystify the role or function of each element

  • Discuss how each element can contribute to a successful project delivery


  • Easy to follow diagrams which help you to visual the moving parts and how they work together

  • A terminology cheatsheet to remind you of the phrases and analogies of the various components discussed

What will you learn?

  • The basic mechanics of the technical elements of a content-managed website

  • How each element contributes to a successful website project and a better performing website (for users, search engine robots and conversion)

  • How you can more confidently engage with those responsible for the technical aspects of your website project and how all stakeholders contribute to the efficiency of their delivery

Who will run it?

You will be working with our specialists:

Roger Barr

Founder & Digital Director

Tim Dodd

Head of Digital

Chris Till

Technical Lead

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