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Strategy product

Assess user journeys and where they are failing

How long?
2 weeks
What type of engagement?
Consultancy Programme
Online or in person

What is it?

A two-week sprint in which we’ll work closely with you to assess relevant websites and apps. Taking both a qualitative and quantitative research approach we’ll be looking for opportunities to reduce friction and improve conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) focuses on finding the right match between audience and experience. Just having a great user experience is not enough on its own – it's about getting the right people to convert.

Who's it for?

Anyone looking to improve the conversion rate of their website or application.


Quantitative Research:

Focussing on using data to establish a baseline. What is working well, and also what can be improved. Using sources such as analytics, e-commerce data, CRM platforms can help paint a picture of potential opportunities.

  • Identify micro and macro conversions - improving all your micro conversions can significantly improve the bigger ones like sales e.g. FREE trials / samples are known to lead to a full purchase

  • Lightweight data health check - ensuring that analytics and tags are setup correctly

  • User profile analysis – What kind of users are visiting the site? What are their needs?

  • Device analysis – What devices are used to access the site and identification of those that convert poorly

  • Content consumption – What do users look at, how much do they read and how often?

  • Funnel analysis - Looking at checkout drop-off rates, blockages in user journeys generally on the website/app

  • Exit/bounce rate analysis – where do most users leave the site, and is this expected?

  • Revenue leakage – Where are your most valuable users leaving the site

Qualitative Research:

Focussing on the user behaviour, preferences, and needs. Uncovering insight through qualitative methods will add context to the insights uncovered in the quantitative research.

  • Expert usability review (heuristic review) – From a CRO experts point of view, what is the site doing well, what could it do better?

  • Heat-map analysis – Heat-maps or click maps allows us to visualise where users click or don’t click on, or how far they scroll down a page,

  • Stakeholder or customer service interviews – Stakeholders and Customer service staff can highlight user needs and pain points from their own experiences.

  • User testing (remote) – recording users performing tasks can help give insights into what are common frustrations or whether users use the site the way it’s intended.

  • Persona creation – based on user research, personas can create insight to, and visualise, who your customers are and what makes them unique.


We identify opportunities for digital growth and during this sprint we’ll create a backlog of potential hypothesis led growth hacking experiments. These experiments will be ordered by:

  • Potential ROI

  • Time / Effort to implement

  • Complexity

The experiments could potentially include UX changes, A/B tests, content and even paid media recommendations.

Following this two week sprint a next step could be you engage with Mediablaze to conduct a series of agile test & learn growth sprints that aim to deliver results quickly based on our initial recommendations.

What will you learn?

  • We’ll identify where your website has the potential to be improved

  • How to use data to assess your websites performance

Who will run it?

You will be working with our specialists:

Stephen Hobbs

Strategy & Planning Director

Tim Dodd

Head of Digital

Hans Hoogenboom

Senior Optimisation Manager

Let’s get started.

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