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Global growth in the wellbeing industry - in the pursuit of Happy and Successful

Emma Potter
25th February 2020

With a focus on physical and mental wellbeing, W3 Club are creating a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space in West London.

The trajectory of growth in the wellbeing industry has been well documented by the Global Wellbeing Institute. Spanning multiple sectors ‒ including personal care, beauty, wellness tourism, traditional and complementary medicine, wellness real estate and workplace wellness ‒ growth has sky-rocketed in recent years. At the end of 2018, the wellness industry was said to be worth $4.2 trillion worldwide, with 12.8% growth from 2015-2017. Fitness and mind-body represented 4.8% average annual growth rate.

Moreover, the Global Wellness Trends Report, released in 2019, revealed some interesting insights for the months ahead, including: 

  • ‘Well Fashion: Way Beyond Athleisure’ ‒ a new era of sustainable, ethical, intelligent, healing, more inclusive and meaningful clothing is on the rise.

  • ‘Wellness Takes on Overtourism’ ‒ with Overtourism the number-one issue facing the travel industry today, wellness tourism will provide an antidote, pulling in people to less-trafficked, healthier destinations.

  • ‘Meditation Goes Plural’ ‒ people will become clearer about the core meditation types and their unique brain impacts as the explosive market also blooms into many variants.

  • ‘Nutrition Gets Very Personalised’ ‒ diet confusion, new tech and the ‘power of me’ are propelling personalised nutrition into the mainstream.

Perhaps this growth is due to the human race living longer, poor health as we age, increased anxiety, or stress levels due to our way of life, with its expectation for us to be ‘on’ 24/7? One thing is for certain: the wellness industry is a driving force that’s converging to create a more connected experience in all areas of our lives ‒ home, work, travel and in our personal lives. Moreover, on a global, national and regional scale, many businesses and entrepreneurs have recognised these wellbeing trends, identifying niches to launch new concepts to market.

Introducing W3 Club – Workout \ Wellness \ Water 

With a key focus on physical and mental wellbeing to enable people to be Happy and Successful, W3 Club is creating a supportive, motivating and inspirational environment that promotes an all-encompassing holistic approach. The vision is to launch a new kind of fitness, wellbeing and swim space in West London, creating a place where a truly holistic approach is taken to helping members achieve their goals, whatever their level. 

  • Workout ‒ providing physical exercise that strengthens the body. 

  • Wellness ‒ providing mental fitness that exercises the mind. 

  • Water ‒ where it’s possible to combine the best of both worlds.

Whilst many gym and leisure spaces shine a spotlight on physical fitness, they don’t often cater for customers and members who are seeking a more well-rounded, all-encompassing approach. However, the W3 Club’s proposition of ‘workout, wellness and water’ embraces all aspects of people's physical and mental fitness that are needed in today’s society to lead a Happy and Successful life.


What’s in a brand? Bringing the W3 Club vision to life   

The team at Mediablaze had the pleasure of collaborating with industry-leading transformational leisure consultants and inspirational Olympic athletes, who are committed to developing emotional fitness through a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. They believe we can achieve this together, through the use of exciting new technologies, a team of coaches and instructors who are passionate about their founding philosophy to find happiness and success, and also by using best-in-class monitoring tools to help keep people on track. The philosophy for W3 Club was born out of the experience of these Olympic athletes’ time in professional swimming and their passion for creating a platform that benefits the wider community in the pursuit of being Happy and Successful. 

As a digital marketing agency that has a heritage of working with well-known and well-respected brands in the sports and active lifestyle sector ‒ such as Speedo, Everyone Active, England Athletics, ASA, Go Tri and Marathon Talk ‒ it’s been extremely exciting to adopt a consultative and strategic approach to working with the founding team of what’s now known as W3 Club. 

From hosting the initial brand strategy workshop to understand the brand purpose, identifying the competitor landscape, establishing points of differentiation from multiple perspectives to highlight its unique proposition in the leisure and sports marketplace, to establishing the new identity on and offline, it’s been an incredible journey to bring this new brand to life. 

With a turnaround of just eight weeks, from initial workshop to going live ‒ physically in the gym and online ‒ clear communication between all parties and swift decision-making has been imperative. Previously a Virgin Active (located in Ealing, West London), engaging and retaining the club’s 6000+ members and sharing the vision for W3 Club during transition was also an essential part of the customer journey.


2020 and beyond. Delivering a strategy to boost awareness and build a community

From creating the brand identity and defining the brand guidelines, to designing and building the website and going live with their social media channels, over the next 24 months, the team at Mediablaze will be working collaboratively with W3 Club to provide a content marketing strategy and overall marketing activity as they seek to ramp up awareness of the brand. This will incorporate performance marketing to ensure W3 Club is at the top of all relevant searches (paid and organic), email marketing to deliver clear, consistent communications to members, and community management of their chosen social channels. 

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