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Strategy product

The importance of brand purpose

How long?
1 hour
What type of engagement?
Lunch & Learn
Online or in person

What is it?

A one-hour session to show how brands with a real and believable purpose are able to act more decisively, command greater loyalty, garner more recommendation and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Who's it for?

  • Decision makers who want to drive the growth of their brand

  • Founder / CEO

  • CMO / Head of Marketing

  • Head of Strategy


We will look at brands that have a clear brand purpose and how they use it to guide their decisions and strategies. At the same time, we will touch on attendees' brands and see how they compare.

What will you learn?

  • The power of brand purpose when used correctly

  • Does your brand have a clear brand purpose?

  • Is it authentic in that it guides your decisions and actions?

  • Does it resonate with your customers and drive loyalty?

Who will run it?

You will be working with our specialists:

Alan Grove

Creative Director

Emma Potter

Marketing Manager

Let’s get started.

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Other ways we can help

1 hour

Let's create a brief

A one-hour workshop to illustrate the importance of a well-thought out brief and the steps to take to create one. After all, a good brief that’s as full of detail as it is of insight is the most important building block of any project, be it devising strategies, creating content or crafting digital products.

1 day

Storytelling 101

A one day session to illustrate the power of brand storytelling. Through real world examples, we’ll show how brand storytelling is an opportunity forge deeper connections with your customers. We’ll also spend time discovering your brand voice and look to uncover the kind of stories your brand could be sharing.

4 weeks

Brand builder

Building a brand encompasses a multitude of areas, from your brand look and feel, through to your purpose. Our five session brand workshops will help you to understand the importance of a well-thought-out brand while establishing your brand purpose, appearance and behaviour.

4 weeks

Brand upgrade

While your brand purpose should remain a constant, how and where it is expressed and what actions it may drive you to take should be regularly reviewed. Our four session brand workshops are aimed at ensuring your brand remains relevant in an ever-changing world.

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