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Brand upgrade

How long?
4 weeks
What type of engagement?
Consultancy Programme
Online or in person

What is it?

A four session brand workshop to ensure your brand remains relevant in an ever-changing world.

While your brand purpose should remain a constant, how and where it is expressed and what actions it may drive you to take should be regularly reviewed. After all, the way your audience engages with your brand is constantly up for change as channels and consumption habits continuously change.

Who's it for?

  • Senior stakeholders and decision makers who are seeking to build brand value

  • Founder / CEO

  • CMO / Head of Marketing

  • Head of Brand

  • Broader Marketing Teams


The world is undergoing incredibly rapid change and where and how brands market themselves is no exception. The landscape has likely changed dramatically in the time since your brand was established so it is worth regularly checking yourself against today’s new reality. By way of a cautionary tale, remember Blockbuster? They didn’t do this.

These checks would include:

  • Revisiting the expression of your brand purpose

  • Re-visiting your brand values with an eye to seeing if they still manifest your brand purpose as best they can

  • Re-visiting your brand tone of voice to check if it still works in new channels and new types of conversations consumers are having.

  • Re-visiting your brand appearance. Do you still feel fresh and engaging, or is there a touch of ‘last year’s model' creeping in?


A full brand audit document taking in brand purpose, brand values, tone of voice and appearance, making recommendations for improvement/ adjustment where necessary.

What will you learn?

  • How coherent and relevant your brand still is to your target audience

  • How fit your brand is to perform in new channels

  • What adjustments can be made brand level to unlock growth inhibited by disconnects with both audience and channels.

Who will run it?

You will be working with our specialists:

Alan Grove

Creative Director

Emma Potter

Marketing Manager

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