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How to in-house your content marketing

How long?
4 weeks
What type of engagement?
Consultancy Programme
Online or in person

What is it?

If you are like many other organisations we work with, creating content that engages and converts will be top of your priority list and something you already invest vast amounts of time and money in. If so, you will have asked yourself; “Do we in-house our content marketing or not? And if so, which is the right way?”

Our 4-week sprint will help you decide if in-housing is the right route for your business from an economic perspective, whilst defining the right blend of people, process and technology to give you your own tailored in-house agency that can be scaled and modified as new needs arise.

Who's it for?

  • Individuals in senior leadership positions

  • Stakeholders with a vested interest in operational excellence

  • CMO / Head of Marketing

  • Marketing Director


During our 4-week engagement we will carry out a number of key tasks that will enable us to provide the right recommendation for your organisation, including;

  • Interviews with key stakeholders who manage the current content marketing process

  • Review of your existing content marketing strategy

  • Audit of your organisations content marketing process (from ideation to delivery)

  • Audit of technology tools used to streamline the content creation and approval process

  • Audit of your current content output such as formats, volumes, platform usage and cadence

  • Audit of existing suppliers and agency partners (who is doing what to support your current content marketing efforts, and at what cost)

  • Audit of current content performance (what’s working and what’s not)

  • 1-day workshop to review initial recommendations and roadmap to implementation


We will provide you with an organisational design for in-housing your content marketing in the form of a tailored in-house agency, blending the right mix of internal creative, operational and management headcount, plugged into outside capabilities to ensure operational excellence at a faster pace than traditional client | agency set-ups.

Our recommendation will be bespoke to your organisation size, complexity, budget parameters and content marketing objectives - underpinned by an economic model that makes commercial sense.

What will you learn?

  • Is in-housing appropriate for your business

  • What is the right way to in-house your content marketing operation

  • What is the most appropriate split between in-housing vs agency support and why

  • What team structure is required (staff roles, salary budgets and responsibility)

  • A clearly defined workflow process (planning, briefing, creation, localisation, editing, publishing, and distribution)

  • A clear governance and approval process to empower the content creation process whilst providing comprehensive oversight

  • What technology tools are required to support and improve operational efficiency

  • What are the cost implications to the organisation to in-house your content marketing

  • How to implement organisational change

Who will run it?

You will be working with our specialists:

Paul Button

Founder & CEO

Stephen Hobbs

Strategy & Planning Director

Let’s get started.

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